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Intel / Altera
FPGA - Field Programmable Gate Array FPGA - Cyclone III 645 LABs 94 IOs
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EP3C10E144A7N Datasheet
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Product Attribute
Attribute Value
Product Category:
FPGA - Field Programmable Gate Array
Cyclone III
Number of Logic Elements:
Number of Logic Array Blocks - LABs:
Number of I/Os:
94 I/O
Operating Supply Voltage:
1.15 V to 1.25 V
Minimum Operating Temperature:
- 40 C
Maximum Operating Temperature:
+ 125 C
Mounting Style:
Package / Case:
Cyclone III EP3C10
Intel / Altera
Maximum Operating Frequency:
315 MHz
Moisture Sensitive:
Product Type:
FPGA - Field Programmable Gate Array
Factory Pack Quantity:
Programmable Logic ICs
Total Memory:
423936 bit
Cyclone III
EP3C10E144A7N Comment
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    P**N 2019-06-26

    goods received very soon, all is ok, parts work fine.

  • RU

    N***n 2019-07-13


  • PL

    E**x 2019-07-01


  • RU

    K***y 2019-02-05

    Shines uv but also blue, at first glance just blue shines. But the uv component is also there.

  • US

    P***l 2019-01-26

    HI!By speed this deal is impressive. Goods as they should be.Tracking of it via: China post; 17track; Yanwen is like farting into empty barrel, (only sound no result, whatsoever how often to ... into barrel)

More Information
Cyclone® III FPGAs
Altera Cyclone® III FPGAs offer an unprecedented combination of low power, high functionality, and low cost to maximize your competitive edge. The features and architecture of the Altera Cyclone III FPGA family provides the ideal solution for your high-volume, low-power, cost-sensitive applications. With densities ranging from about 5,000 to 200,000 logic elements (LEs) and 0.5 Megabits (Mb) to 8Mb of memory for less than ¼ watt of static power consumption, Cyclone III device family makes it easier for you to meet your power budget. To address your unique design needs, this FPGA family offers two variants: Cyclone III provides the lowest power and high functionality with the lowest cost. Cyclone III LS provides the lowest power FPGAs with security.Learn More
Cyclone® Family FPGAs
Intel Cyclone® Family FPGAs are built to meet your low-power, cost-sensitive design needs, enabling you to get to market faster. Each generation of Cyclone FPGAs solves the technical challenges of increased integration, increased performance, lower power, and faster time to market while meeting cost-sensitive requirements. Intel Cyclone V FPGAs provide the market's lowest system cost and lowest power FPGA solution for applications in the industrial, wireless, wireline, broadcast, and consumer markets. The family integrates an abundance of hard intellectual property (IP) blocks to enable you to do more with less overall system cost and design time. The SoC FPGAs in the Cyclone V family offer unique innovations such as a hard processor system (HPS) centered around the dual-core ARM® Cortex™-A9 MPCore™ processor with a rich set of hard peripherals to reduce system power, system cost, and board size. Intel Cyclone IV FPGAs are the lowest cost, lowest power FPGAs, now with a transceiver variant. The Cyclone IV FPGA family targets high volume, cost-sensitive applications, enabling you to meet increasing bandwidth requirements while lowering costs. Intel Cyclone III FPGAs offer an unprecedented combination of low cost, high functionality, and power optimization to maximize your competitive edge. The Cyclone III FPGA family is manufactured using Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company's low-power process technology to deliver low power consumption at a price that rivals that of ASICs. Intel Cyclone II FPGAs are built from the ground up for low cost and to provide a customer-defined feature set for high volume, cost-sensitive applications. Intel Cyclone II FPGAs deliver high performance and low power consumption at a cost that rivals that of ASICs.Learn More
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