Extreme Low-Power (XLP) Microcontrollers

By Microchip Technology 213

Extreme Low-Power (XLP) Microcontrollers

As more electronic applications require low-power or battery power, energy conservation becomes paramount. Today's applications must consume little power, and in extreme cases, last for up to 15 to 20 years, while running from a single battery. To enable applications like these, Microchip has introduced nanoWatt XLP technology. Extreme low-power microcontrollers featuring nanoWatt XLP technology offer one of the industry's lowest currents for sleep, where extreme low power applications spend 90% to 99% of their time.

  • Battery applications and portable devices
    • Utility meeting, asset tracking, electronic locks, portable medical, smoke / CO2 detectors, irrigation systems, security systems/sensors, remote keyless entry
  • Green initiatives
    • Compliance with regulations, appliances, home electronics
  • Energy harvesting
    • Wireless switches, battery-less sensors, condition-based maintenance, and a variety of applications based on energy harvested from mechanical vibrations, solar cell etc.
Benefits of nanoWatt XLP
  • Sleep / power-down current down to 20 nA
  • Brown-out reset down to 45 nA
  • Watch-dog timer down to 400 nA
  • Real-time clock / calendar down to 500 nA

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