ADS5263 Evaluation Module

By Texas Instruments 243

ADS5263 Evaluation Module

Texas Instruments' ADS5263 is a four channel, 16-bit ADC with up to 100 MSPS sampling frequency that delivers a SNR of 84.6 dBFS with 10 MHz input. ADS5263EVM provides a flexible environment for testing the ADS5263 under a variety of clock and input conditions. This EVM allows customers to design their own filters, populate the EVM with the corresponding components and verify the performance on the EVM itself. In the event the user does not already have a method to attach to and analyze the data from the LVDS data stream, a deserializer board, TSW1250EVM, is offered. The TSW1250EVM, can connect to the ADS5263EVM and provides the data in parallel form for all four channels simultaneously. The TSW1250EVM, must be purchased separately.

  • Flexible input path
  • Direct connection to TSW1250 High Speed ADC LVDS Evaluation System
  • Configurable input clock
  • Adaptable to customer own band-pass filter

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