AMPMODU Connectors

By TE Connectivity AMP Connectors 216

AMPMODU Connectors

TE Connectivity AMP features the AMPMODU interconnection system with a unique modular concept, utilizing precision formed receptacle contacts and mating posts. Mating of the post and receptacle contacts of this system is very tolerant. This is made possible by a post with a burr-free lead-in and a receptacle contact featuring double cantilever beams and anti-overstress stops. AMPMODU receptacle contacts and posts categorically fall into three general classifications of products, which include: board mounted posts and receptacle assemblies, post headers and wire-applied contact housings for crimp snap-in pin and receptacle contacts.

Board mounted receptacle assemblies are available in various geometries, offering packaging interconnections that include perpendicular, parallel and stacking capabilities. Crimp snap-in pins for 26-22 AWG wire and crimp snap-in receptacles for 32-20 AWG wire provide excellent discrete wire terminations. Housings for these contacts provide ease of handling terminations in high density applications. Machine applied terminations, through matched application equipment, are geared for virtually any production volume requirement, assuring the lowest possible applied cost. AMPMODU mating posts are supplied typically as headers. They are available in various populations to meet the interconnection and packaging requirements of your system.

However, in instances where packaging configurations do not lend themselves to the economies of headers, TE Connectivity can provide application equipment for the discrete location of individual posts. Looking at the electronic industry's standard "levels of packaging," the AMPMODU .025 (0.64) square interconnection system is primarily used in levels three and four. In level three it is used as a connection between two or more printed circuits. A mother/daughter board connection is typical.

In level four it is used as a connection between two subassemblies, such as a power supply and an associated subassembly. It is also important to note this product can serve as an interconnection in more than one level, depending on the application. The .025 (0.64) square interconnection system offers the most complete line of post/receptacle packaging products available today. This system, rated at 3 amperes per contact, has been used by almost every industry and marketplace over the last decade and is one of the oldest, most versatile and reliable interconnection systems employing .025 (0.64) square packaging technology.