AT32UC3 Series AVR RISC Microcontrollers

By Microchip Technology 211

AT32UC3 Series AVR RISC Microcontrollers

The Microchip 32-bit AVR UC3 takes efficiency to a new level, going beyond high performance and low power consumption. Native fixed point DSP support, dual port SRAM, multi-layer data bus, peripheral DMA controller, peripheral event system and intelligent peripherals move performance and power consumption to the next step.

The peripheral DMA controller and multi-layer high-speed bus architecture make the UC3 microcontrollers ideal for high throughput applications. Intelligent peripherals and dynamic power control make UC3 devices the obvious choice for portable and battery-powered applications. Selected UC3 devices include an integrated floating point unit (FPU) which improves arithmetic performance on decimal numbers, with better precision and wider dynamic range.


  • Connectivity: USB device and host, Ethernet MAC, SDRAM, NAND flash, and fast serial interfaces are ideal for complex applications.
  • Arithmetic performance: Integrated FPU increases precision and dynamic range in digital signal processing.
  • High data throughput: Peripheral DMA, multi-layered databus and large on-chip SRAM remove bottlenecks in high-speed communication.
  • Low power consumption: picoPower® technology delivers the industry’s lowest power consumption in active and sleep modes.
  • Software Library: All UC3 devices are supported by AVR software Framework, a complete library of device drivers and middleware.

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