Based LEDs

By APEM Inc. 269

Based LEDs

APEM's based LED lamps are drop in replacements for the less efficient filament lamps typically used within pushbutton switches and indicators. Based LED lamps have many features and benefits over filament lamps: long lifetime (typically 100,000 hours), low power consumption, low heat generation, shock and vibration resistance, long service life (low cost of ownership), and high reliability - ideal for critical applications where the presence of indication is important or where lamp replacement is difficult or costly.

These based LEDs have the option of a high intensity single-chip LED, Cluster (typically 3 high intensity LEDs), or multi-chip (typically 6 or 8 chip devices). Integral resistors allow direct connection (depending on model) from 6 V through to 230 V. Some models are also fitted with bridge rectifiers for AC/DC operation.

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