DAC3484 Evaluation Module

By Texas Instruments 259

DAC3484 Evaluation Module

Texas Instruments' DAC3484EVM is a circuit board that allows designers to evaluate the performance of TI's four-channel, ultra-low power 16-bit 1.25 GSPS DAC3484 digital-to-analog converter (DAC) with 8-bit wide DDR LVDS data input, integrated 2x/4x/8x/16x interpolation filters, 32-bit NCO and PLL, and exceptional linearity at high IFs. The EVM provides a flexible environment to test the DAC3484 under a variety of clock, data input and IF or RF output conditions. For ease of use as a complete RF transmit solution the DAC3484EVM includes the CDCE62005 clock generator/jitter cleaner for clocking the DAC3484 as well as a TRF370315, a 400 MHz to 4 GHz quadrature modulator, for up converting I/Q outputs from the DAC to real signals at RF. The EVM can be used along with TSW3100 to perform a wide range of test procedures. The TSW3100 generates the test patterns which are fed to the DAC3484 through a 1.25 GSPS LVDS port. The DAC3484EVM clock chip can be used to synchronize the TSW3100 board to DAC3484EVM.

  • Comprehensive test capability for the DAC3484 for ZIF, IF, and RF outputs
  • Direct connection to TSW3100 signal generator
  • Includes CDCE62005 for clock generation or jitter cleaning
  • Includes TRF370315 for complete transmitter evaluation
  • Software support with a full featured GUI for easy testing and prototyping
  • FMC-DAC-adapter card compatible to connect with FMC interconnect headers available Xilinx FPGA EVMs
  • Direct compatibility with HSMC headers on Altera FPGA EVMs

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