DM240415 Android™ Accessory Starter Kit

By Microchip Technology 236

DM240415 Android™ Accessory Starter Kit

Microchip's DM240415 Android accessory starter kit consists of two components: a development board and a software library. The development kit enables a standardized accessory framework, which is essentially a new vendor class the USB. It allows for a direct data-path between App and external accessories. This accessory framework is now included in the latest Android version (version 2.3.4 and later). Customers no longer need to customize their accessory interface to enable external applications. Android 2.3.4 and 3.1 open accessory interface support both USB host and device modes on the android device side. Current Android software library includes android application examples which talk to host mode accessories only. If you wish to create a device mode accessory, you can find the firmware examples in or

  • PIC24FJ256GB110
  • USB connector for Android device
  • User interface buttons
  • 8 status LEDs
  • Potentiometer
  • Device charger circuitry up to 500 mA
  • Arduino footprint compatible for prototyping
  • Car kit with GPS
  • Portable ECG
  • Treadmill dock and light alarm clock
  • Financial transaction
  • Blood pressure monitor
  • Data backup / charger
  • Gaming remote and synthesizer keyboard

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