LTC2389-18 18-Bit, 2.5 MSPS SAR ADC

By Analog Devices Inc 219

LTC2389-18 18-Bit, 2.5 MSPS SAR ADC

Linear Technology's LTC2389-18 is a low noise, high speed 18-bit successive approximation register (SAR) ADC. Operating from a single 5 V supply, the LTC2389-18 supports pin-configurable fully differential (±4.096 V), pseudo-differential unipolar (0 V to 4.096 V), and pseudo-differential bipolar (±2.048 V) analog input ranges, allowing it to interface with multiple signal chain formats without requiring additional level translation or signal conditioning. The LTC2389-18 achieves ±3 LSB INL (maximum), no missing codes at 18-bits, and 99.8 dB (fully differential) / 95.2 dB (pseudo differential) SNR (typical).

  • Wide ±4.096 V fully differential inputs maximize dynamic range to achieve 100 dB SNR performance
  • Pin-configurable input ranges ±4.096 V, ±2.048 V or 0 V to 4.096 V allows flexibility in the input signal chain
  • Pin- and timing-compatible family from 250 kSPS to 2.5 MSPS
  • Precision DC specifications feature ±2.5 LSB INL (max.) and 18-bits no missing codes resolution
  • Precision 20 ppm/°C (max.) internal reference and reference buffer reduce external components and save board space
  • Industrial process control
  • High speed, wide dynamic range data acquisition
  • Medical imaging
  • Instrumentation
  • ATE