MezzoStak 0.5 MM Mezzanine Connectors

By Amphenol ICC 255

MezzoStak 0.5 MM Mezzanine Connectors

Amphenol ICC's 0.5 mm mezzanine connector system features robust design and easy hermaphroditic mating. Reduced product mix simplifies customer connector selection, documentation and maintenance. Common part numbers and components increase relative volumes and reduce costs for Amphenol FCI and its customers.

  • Hermaphroditic design "mates to itself"
    • Consolidates connector selection, documentation, and costs
    • Polarization prevents mis-mating
  • Pressure-managed, dual-point contact mating interface provides easier use, fault tolerance and added reliability.
  • Housing guidance "scoops" permit easy-mating even when mis-aligned.
  • Stub-less contact design supports PCEeG2 High Speed performance.
  • Long 1 mm minimum wipe assures reliable contact and accommodates system mechanical tolerances.
  • Extreme operating temperature range assures reliable performance between -40 and 125 °C.
  • Precise 0.08 mm maximum SMT lead co-planarity eases attachment of connector leads to PCBs and reduces solder paste.
  • Optional hold-downs increase strength of PCB solder attachment
  • Footprint compatible with major competitors
  • Portable and mobile electronic equipment
  • Medical and instrumentation
  • Point-of-sale/retail equipment
  • Automatic identification and data capture
  • Communications and networking
  • Data and mass-storage
  • Hand-held terminals
  • Sensors
  • Military
  • Motor vehicle
  • Metering and energy