Power Toggles and Pushbuttons

By Electroswitch 304

Power Toggles and Pushbuttons

Electroswitch is proud to offer the Gaynor Electric Company line of power toggles and push button switches. Gaynor has provided the industry with quality custom engineered switches for reliable electric circuit control.

Electroswitch Electronic Products now manufactures and sells these UL/CSA switches designed to meet the highest standards of quality and reliability, combining maximum performance characteristics with compact size.

The 7000 toggle series offers the slow-make, slow-break contact mechanism in one and two pole with several different current rating options (up to 20 A), four basic terminal options and several bat and bushing options.

The 6600 toggle series utilizes the quick-make, quick-break contact mechanism. It has current ratings (up to 12 A), 6 inch wire leads, and several bat and bushing options. This series of toggles is used in a variety of applications such as agricultural controls, woodworking routers, fan controls, sump pumps, flood detection, barrel plating equipment, military flashlights, elevator controls, outdoor signs, and fireplace heating controls.

The 7000 and 6600 push buttons offer a durable metal plunger with the flexibility of higher current ratings (up to 15 A) and terminal options. Electroswitch's push buttons are sold into demanding applications such as vacuum cleaners and audio effect controls. These applications are primarily operated by the user's foot which requires a rugged switch construction. Electroswitch is offering silicon rubber boots for its toggles for additional sealing requirements.