PowerStor PHB Series Supercapacitors

By Eaton-Electronics Division 262

PowerStor PHB Series Supercapacitors

Eaton's high capacitance 5.0 V PowerStor supercapacitor packs, optimized for battery support, hold-up, and memory back-up applications, expand the Eaton portfolio of advanced technology power management products. The PHB Series delivers long operating life and low leakage current, ideal for applications such as automated meter reading, asset tracking, and keyless entry.

  • Halogen free, lead free, RoHS compliant
  • Working Voltage 5 V
  • Capacitance values from 1.5 F to 5.0 F
  • Operating temperature of -25 to +70°C
  • Extended operating temperature range of -25°C to 85°C (with linear voltage derating to 4.0 V at 85°C)
  • Resistance 330 mΩ to 130 mΩ @ 100Hz
  • Available in horizontal and vertical mount packages
The PowerStor brand of supercapacitors is now part of the Eaton’s Electrical Group, Electronics Division.
PowerStor is now part of Eaton
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