Pushbutton Switches

By Carling Technologies 343

Pushbutton Switches

Carling Technologies has long been known for the quality and performance of its switches. The Carling line of pushbutton switches features a wide variety of termination types, bushings, actuators and ratings.

The 641-Series: this single or double pole switch is the most compact in the pushbutton switch line. Featuring a rugged metal construction, self-cleaning contacts and stiff actuation force (3-3 1/2 lbs. typical), these switches are ideal for most "foot pedal" type applications. These alternate action switches fit a standard .500" dia. mounting hole, and have termination options including solder lug, wire lead, and PC.

The 110-Series: this offering provides a compact yet rugged solution to general-purpose switch needs. Alternate action, metal construction and stiff (6-8 lb.) actuation force have combined to make this switch a pillar in the music industry and audiovisual markets. This versatile switch is available in maintained and momentary circuits with a variety of termination options to choose from.

The 170/172-Series: the 170/172 series is a single pole, high amperage switch suitable for shallow back panel applications. These switches are momentary action with a relatively light actuation force of 2.5 lbs. Other features include a slow-make, slow-break contact mechanism and a robust 10 A 250 VAC, 15 A 125 VAC electrical rating.

The P-Series: these switches feature the highest amperage rating available for our Pushbutton line, up to 20 A 125 VAC, which, along with its heavy actuation force (3-5 lbs. typical) makes this switch ideal for use as a "foot-pedal" switch. The P Series has become a mainstay for canister vacuum cleaner applications and its metal bushing and plunger construction enables this alternate action switch to withstand the rigors of most any heavy-duty pushbutton application.

The P27-Series: these single pole AC/DC rated switches suitable for shallow back panel applications. These single throw momentary action switches have a slow-make, slow-break contact mechanism and require a medium actuation force (26 oz. typical). The P27-Series is AC rated at 6 amps at 125VAC. Actuators are available in red, black, or white.