SLLIMM™-nano Modules

By STMicroelectronics 249

SLLIMM™-nano Modules

STMicroelectronics' small low-loss intelligent molded modules (SLLIMM-nano) have been developed to provide a compact, high performance solution to drive three phase motors (BLDC, PMAC, induction) in a simple, integrated and rugged design. They target offline motor control inverters up to 100 W in free air (or greater with heatsink) for applications such as home appliances, HVAC fans, pumps, compressors, and small consumer and industrial motor applications.

These modules have several benefits including: greater integration for less design time and reduced EMI/RFI, op-amp and comparator for improved sensing and protection, DIP package with low voltage control pins on opposite side from power pins for better separation of control, and integrated power internal bootstrap diodes.

  • 600 V, 3-phase IGBT inverter bridge including control IC's for gate driving and freewheeling diodes
  • Op-amp for advanced current sensing on STGIPN3H60
  • Comparator for fault protection against over current and over temperature on STGIPN3H60
  • Smart shutdown function on STGIPN3H60
  • Sewing machines, small refrigeration compressors
  • 3-phase offline and HV DC motor control applications up to 100 W in free air (or greater with heatsink)
  • Small fans, blowers and pumps for HVAC applications
  • Low power industrial motor control applications

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