TPS Capacitors

By AVX Corporation 253

TPS Capacitors

AVX Corporation announces a low ESR tantalum capacitor range that includes true low ESR 330 F/6.3 V parts in a C-case (6032-26). Previously, the only low ESR option within this capacitance/voltage (C/V) ratio was only available in the larger D-case (7343-31).

With an ESR as low as 80 mΩ, TPS capacitors are suitable for smoothing and filtering on 3.3 V power rails, which is a favorite output voltage of DC/DC converters. Devices with high capacitance can also be used as battery support in handheld devices where small size is one of the key design requirements.

TPS tantalum capacitors have a maximum direct leakage current of 19.8 μA and a maximum dissipation factor at 120 Hz of 12%. Operating temperature range is -55°C to 125°C. Importantly, these devices meet the requirements of AEC-Q200 for the automotive industry.