EcoWire® Plus

By Alpha Wire 219

EcoWire® Plus

Designed for industrial applications with exposure to hazardous fluids, Alpha Wire's EcoWire Plus offers all the environmental benefits, size and weight savings, and abrasion-resistant characteristics of standard EcoWire with the additional fluid resistance necessary for demanding factory applications.

The EcoWire Plus line is engineered to meet the strict IS0 6722 standard for road vehicle applications. Its significant size, weight, and cost savings make EcoWire Plus the perfect thin-walled substitute for XLPE-insulated wire.

  • Up to 45% smaller OD than XLPE or PVC
  • 1.3 specific gravity is 25% to 40% lower specific XLPE
  • Reduced wall thickness yields weight savings of up to 40% over XLPE and PVC
  • 10x abrasion and pinch resistance over PVC
  • Fully recyclable
  • Non-halogenated and contains no heavy metal pigments
  • Rated from -40°C to +110°C at 300 V
  • Meets ISO 6772 for oil and hazardous fluid resistance
  • PetroChemical
  • Commercial transportation
  • Automotive
  • Industrial applications
  • Weight and size sensitive applications
  • Eco-friendly companies
  • Environmentally progressive regions