SCI Cable Assembly Development Kit

By 3M 287

SCI Cable Assembly Development Kit

3M's shielded controlled impedance (SCI) cable assembly development kit from its electronic solutions division is designed to help engineers assess, test, and design appropriate high-performance 2 mm SCI cable-to-board solutions for their applications.

When used with standard 2 mm latch/eject headers from 3M for multi-GHz cable-to-board applications, the SCI connectors save valuable board real estate without sacrificing performance compared to the BNC or SMA connectors frequently used with coaxial and the specialized twin axial connectors used with twin axial cable. This is particularly true for applications where multiple high-speed coaxial or twin axial cable-to-board connectors need to be bundled together.

This solution is ideal for a variety of high-performance or high-signal integrity cable-to-board applications in the industrial control/factory automation, medical, test and instrumentation, video postproduction equipment, and military electronics industries.

Designers can use the development kit to verify signal integrity, impedance matching, and crosstalk performance for designs that require up to 1 Gbps single-ended performance per signal line or 5 Gbps differential performance per signal pair. The development kit contains everything required to assess, test, and design a high-performance 2 mm cable-to-board solution.

  • 1 Gbps single-ended, 5 Gbps differential or mix and match cable-to-board solution
  • Upgrade to higher speed and better crosstalk for molded and IDC cable assemblies
  • Robust latching for mechanically challenging environments
  • High density - 2 mm pitch - upgrade from 0.100"
  • Low crosstalk and skew
  • Systems requiring multi-signal high-speed probes, such as burn-in systems
  • Medical imaging systems: ultrasound, X-ray
  • Bench top analytical tools (data acquisition)
  • Military and avionics test systems
  • Embedded computing systems
  • Embedded control systems
  • Machine vision systems

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