Blackfin 50X Series Processors

By Analog Devices Inc 214

Blackfin 50X Series Processors

Analog Devices' Blackfin® BF50x processors are designed to deliver unmatched price/performance and system integration, which attributes for advanced power and industrial control applications, extending high-performance digital signal processing capabilities to a wider range of feature-rich applications. With optional integrated analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) and flash memory. Blackfin BF50x processors enable designers to realize new levels of computational precision to ensure greater energy efficiency for industrial applications.

Blackfin BF50x processors deliver up to 400MHz of processing performance at a price point where 150-200MHz clock speeds have been the norm. This performance profile equips designers to achieve greater system functionality and precision through the use of more sophisticated algorithms, and enables a number of system-level design objectives, including real-time processing of more data, reduced latency, consolidation of processing tasks to a single processor, and greater flexibility to optimize system interface and control capabilities.

  • 400 MHz LP process
  • 4 MB flash (instructions and data)
  • ADC — dual SAR, 12-channel, 12 bits, up to 2 MSPS
  • 2 UARTs, with flow control
  • 2 SPORTs
  • 2 SPls
  • 1 TWI (I²C compatible)
  • Eight 32-bit GP timers
  • 1 CAN
  • 6 pair PWM unit (in addition to 8 timer PWM)
  • 35 GPIOs (mixed with interfaces)
  • Two 32-bit up/down counters with rotary support
  • Removable storage interface
  • 1 PPI, up to 16 bits