Si7005 Digital Relative Humidity and Temperature S

By Silicon Labs 316

Si7005 Digital Relative Humidity and Temperature S

Silicon Labs' Si7005 is a highly integrated, digital relative humidity (RH) and temperature sensor that interfaces to its host via the I²C bus. It is very low-power, and the only external BOM is a pair of bypass capacitors. Each device is factory calibrated, removing the need for customer calibration, and the devices are completely interchangeable. The Si7005 is packaged in an open-cavity, 4 mm x 4 mm QFN package to expose the moisture-sensing polymer film. A convenient, low-profile protective cover is available as an option.

Key Features Customer Benefits
Higher integration than discretes or hybrids/MCMs
  • Considerably lower component count reduces design complexity
  • Smaller overall footprint and minimal height and weight
  • Faster time to market
Factory calibration
  • Shorter customer production/test time and lower solution cost
  • Production line and field replaceable/interchangeable
Optional factory-installed hydrophobic filter/cover
  • Protects the exposed sensor before, during and after assembly
  • No materials or labor cost to install the sensor post-reflow or apply/remove protective tape