SPD08 Series Connectors

By 3M 277

SPD08 Series Connectors

3M's SPD08 high-speed card-edge connector supports high-speed board-to-board and wire-to-board connections. It has a robust and flexible contact design for reliable connections, and features a flexible stacking height and compact design to conserve board space and provide optimal value to customers. The connector's flexible design handles from 20-200 contact positions and can support up to 15 Gbps board-to-board applications. Additionally, when used in conjunction with the 3M twin axial cable, the 3M SPD08 connector supports up to 25 Gbps wire-to-board applications with a reliable, simultaneous ribbon termination.


Q: Are retention latches available on this connector?
A: All available positions are available with latches for robust mechanical stability. Please see the customer drawing for part number information.

Q: What packaging options are available?
A: All configurations are available in tray or tape and reel packaging. Tape and reel packaging also features adhesive suction covers.

Q: What connection type does this connector utilize?
A: The SPD08 connector uses surface-mount technology for board soldering, which provides a superior electrical connection.

  • Supports high speed board-to-board connections
    • Controlled impedance, crosstalk limiting contact design supports speeds up to 15 Gbps (at 30 mm stack height)
    • Embedded ground plane within riser card limits row to row crosstalk and enhances signal integrity
    • Supports XAUI, PCI Express (Gen 1/2/3), SATA and other application speeds
  • Flexible stacking height and robust connection
    • Supports flexible stacking height (16 mm to 40 mm) with the use of a PCB intermediate riser card
    • Robust contact design is tolerant of misalignment, provides a reliable connection and supports blind mate