Xphase® - The Next Generation Multiphase Arch

By International Rectifier 230

Xphase® - The Next Generation Multiphase Arch

Take your interleaved DC-DC buck converter designs to market faster with groundbreaking XPhase architecture from International Rectifier. The XPhase chip set consists of the control IC, containing all the one-per-converter circuitry, and a scalable array of phase converters, each using a single phase IC with all the one-per-phase circuitry.

  • 1 to XPhase operation with matching phase IC
  • 0.5% overall system set-point accuracy
  • Programmable 250 kHz to 9 MHz daisy-chain digital phase timing clock oscillator frequency provides a per-phase switching frequency of 250 kHz to 1.5 MHz without external components
  • Programmable dynamic VID slew rate
  • Programmable VID offset or no offset
  • Programmable load line output impedance
  • Central over-voltage-detection with programmable threshold and communication to phase ICs
  • Over-voltage signal output to system with over-voltage detection during power up and normal operation
  • Programmable VRHOT function monitors temperature of power stage through a NTC thermistor
  • Remote sense amplifier with true converter voltage sensing and less than 50 µA bias current
  • Small, thermally-enhanced 32L 5 mm x 5 mm MLPQ package
  • RoHS compliant
  • Voltage regulators for CPUs in workstations and servers
  • High current NPUs in networking equipment