Thermocouple Terminal Blocks

By American Electrical Inc 249

Thermocouple Terminal Blocks

American Electrical’s DIN-rail-mounted thermocouple terminal blocks with an embedded female T/C connector make it easy to read process temperatures at the terminal block. This will provide time and money savings while troubleshooting, measuring, calibrating, auditing or installing a thermocouple control loop. These are currently available in Types J and K. The individual male connectors and the complete cable assemblies are also available.

  • Built in miniature female thermocouple connector for monitoring, troubleshooting and audit
  • Screw-type terminal for secure and maintenance-free connections
  • Type K and J calibrations
  • Fully enclosed end plates required
  • DIN-rail mountable (32 mm or 35 mm) narrow 10.7 mm width
  • Identified with Calibration and "+" , "-" connections
  • Write-on terminal markers