AT45DBxxx DataFlash

By Adesto Technologies 253

AT45DBxxx DataFlash

Adesto Technologies' AT45DBxxx DataFlash devices offer uniform page erase size as small as 256 bytes. This provides the user with the ability to perform completely self-contained, read-modify-write operations with minimal system overhead and management. The devices feature a common, but extensive, command interface and an 8-pin compatible footprint for easy migration from 1 Mbit to 64 Mbit densities. The Adesto programmed unique ID number, user-programmable sector protection, permanent sector locking, page erase capability, and integrated, fully independent SRAM buffers. This enables utilization of a single, very low pin-count memory device for all nonvolatile memory needs in terms of data storage, code shadow, or combined applications.

Current 2.5 V and 2.7 V minimum voltage options, as well as 1.65 V and 2.3 V minimum versions, are in development, but DataFlash devices align well with current futureASIC and SoC technologies. The DataFlash family provides flexibility, performance, ease-of-use, and can help drive your system cost reduction initiatives.

  • 1 Mbit to 64 Mbit densities
  • Small page array architecture
  • Individually erasable pages of 256/264, 512/528, or 1024/1056 bytes each
  • Dual on-chip, independent SRAM buffers
  • SRAM buffer size equal to memory page size
  • Command-rich instruction set
  • Enhanced low-power read
  • Zero-power shutdown options
  • Software reset capability
  • 66 MHz+ SPI, dual-I/O, and quad-I/O support
  • Individual sector protection and lockdown
  • 128-byte OTP security register
  • 100,000 cycles per page minimum
  • JEDEC manufacturer and device ID standard