C2x InstaSPIN™-FOC

By Texas Instruments 249

C2x InstaSPIN™-FOC

Texas Instruments' InstaSPIN™-FOC (field-oriented-control) technology enables designers - even those with limited motor control experience - to identify, tune, and fully control any type of three-phase, variable speed, sensorless, synchronous, or asynchronous motor control system in just minutes.

This technology removes the need for a mechanical motor rotor sensor. This reduces system costs and improves operation using TI's software encoder (sensorless observer) software algorithm, FAST™ (flux, angle, speed, and torque), embedded in the read-only-memory (ROM) of Piccolo™ devices. This enables premium solutions that improve motor efficiency, performance, and reliability in all variable-speed and load-motor applications.

FAST Software Encoder / PowerWarp Software / Software Architectures

InstaSPIN™-FOC Three-phase motor control

Check out why InstaSPIN-FOC by Texas Instruments is the ideal sensorless, complete solution for spinning your motor.


  • Replaces mechanical encoders and resolvers in a "sensorless" Field Oriented Torque Controller (FOC)
    • Uses the FAST™ software encoder as a superior rotor flux sensor
  • Control system design accelerated
    • Built-in motor parameter identification
    • Automatic, closed-loop current control tuning
    • Fully-tuned observer and stable torque controller in minutes
  • Full InstaSPIN™-FOC control system, available in ROM
    • Select Piccolo™ MCU devices
    • Software API and multiple example projects through MotorWare™ Software
  • Voltage and current filtering insure quality sampled signals to the system
    • One time hardware and software calibration
    • Offset compensation