1101 Series AIR Modules and Boards

By Anaren 167

1101 Series AIR Modules and Boards

Anaren's 1101 series RF transceivers are high-performance radio modules incorporating Texas Instruments' CC1101 transceiver chip, all in the industry’s smallest packages.

The evaluation modules have the corresponding series radio module mounted onto the interface board and are designed specifically for compatibility with SmartRF®04 and SmartRF®05 evaluation boards.

The demonstration boards feature the corresponding radio module and are designed to quickly connect to the Texas Instruments eZ430-RF2500 development kit battery board or USB debugging interface via the 6-pin header. They are designed to be a direct replacement for the access point and end point target board modules included with the Texas Instruments eZ430-RF2500 development kit.

Module Features
  • Form factor options
  • Frequency range options
  • Programmable output power up to +10 dBm
  • Efficient SPI interface; all registers can be programmed with one "burst" transfer
  • Low current consumption
  • Module weight approximately 0.4 grams
  • Compatible with all TI-approved software stacks
  • Suitable for frequency hopping systems, thanks to a fast-settling frequency synthesizer with 90 µs settling time
Module Benefits
  • No additional "Intentional Radiator" Certification required
  • No additional harmonic filtering required
  • No additional DC decoupling required
  • Integrated analog temperature sensor
  • 100% RF-tested in production
  • Minimal RF engineering experience necessary
  • Wide range of applications: industrial controls, building automation, low-power wireless sensor networks, lighting controls, automated meter-reading