DP-100 Pressure Sensor Series

By Panasonic Industrial Automation Sales 135

DP-100 Pressure Sensor Series

Panasonic presents an industry-first, dual, three-color digital display that enhances ease of use of pressure sensors. The user can concurrently view the real-time pressure reading and threshold value for quick changes during routine machine maintenance.

The highly readable display offers the setting of two colors to indicate the output state (red and green), as well as a third (orange) to indicate the menu settings. In addition, both displays feature 12 segment characters, which allow for the display of letters in addition to numbers. This enables easy on-screen labeling of sensors in large arrays for instantaneous identification.

The DP-100 series contains the same functionality of units three times its price, all with the superior Panasonic quality that is recognized worldwide. Two distinct pressure ranges are available, one for high pressure and one for low pressure. Both feature compound pressure sensing (positive and vacuum pressures) for maximum compatibility with your applications. The series offers the option of either dual discrete outputs or one discrete output and one analog output. The discrete outputs in either type are available in either NPN or PNP.

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