EFM32 Wonder Gecko Family

By Silicon Labs 207

EFM32 Wonder Gecko Family

With the release of the EFM32 Wonder Gecko family, Silicon Labs expands its MCU portfolio to combat energy consumption in more applications. The EFM32 family members include the ARM® Cortex™-M4 core with a digital signal processing (DSP) instruction set and dedicated floating point unit (FPU). Taking advantage of the Cortex-M4 with integrated FPU, the Wonder Gecko achieves faster processing and longer sleep times. Even development time can be significantly reduced with the FPU. An FPU enables software engineers to use floating-point variables without any overhead in processing time.

The Wonder Gecko is also designed for minimum leakage; ultra-low sleep mode consumption is guaranteed, even at high temperatures. High integration of peripherals, designed for low power consumption, offloads the CPU and reduces power consumption both in active and sleep modes. All the EFM32 specific ultra-low power peripherals, such as low energy sensor interface (LESENSE) along with ADC, analog comparators, and DAC, are available to help engineers achieve the absolute lowest power consumption in their application.


  • EFM32 Wonder Gecko features unique and autonomous peripherals that ensure energy efficient and sub μA operation in sleep modes.
  • Optimized current vs. temperature curve with extreme low leakage technology, the sleep current curve stays flat throughout the whole operation range, from -40° to +85°C.
  • Boosted performance ARM Cortex-M4 with FPU The 32-bit EFM32 Wonder Gecko gives you the energy efficiency benefits of FPU and DSP.