PIR Motion Sensors – Analog or Digital Output

By Panasonic 191

PIR Motion Sensors – Analog or Digital Output

Panasonic's series of integrated motion sensors enable safety and energy conservation applications. Packages include built-in amplifiers for simple, compact designs used in lighting and HVAC control, ambient light detection, and security applications. Panasonic’s NaPion AMN sensors offer stable detection with a shielded amplifier package. The NaPica EKM series sensors are low current consumption with a lower operating voltage, which makes them perfect for battery powered applications.

  • Miniature, high-performance infrared human detection sensors with built-in amplifiers – Extremely compact, ideal for use in miniaturized devices.
  • Dual lens colors (white and black) available – With an ultra-small design and dual lens colors (white and black), these sensors are inconspicuous, allowing users to select either white or black to match equipment color. This provides greater flexibility in equipment design.
  • Both digital output and analog output (with adjustable sensitivity) are available
  • Built-in amplifier for easy use – Built-in amplifier can be connected directly to a microcomputer.
  • Detects a person's slightest motion – Capable of detecting fine motion within approximately 2 m of sensor.
  • Noise withstanding capability – Circuitry is contained in a TO5 metal package, providing at least twice the noise withstanding capability as conventional type.
  • A low-current consumption type (46 µA) has also been added to the line-up – This sensor keeps current consumption to 46 µA (less than 30% compared to predecessor). Ideal for battery driven devices.
  • Home appliances – Energy saving in air conditioners, televisions, personal computers, or ventilator and air purifiers
  • Amusement machine market – Saves energy and provides automated guidance in theme parks and large video games
  • Service market equipment – Useful for automated guidance, automated announcements. Energy saving in vending machines, ATMs, and more
  • Lighting – Automated on/off controls for lamps, desk lamps, indoor lights, halls, stairway lights, and more