Polyester Tape 8901 Blue

By 3M (TC) 116

Polyester Tape 8901 Blue

3M presents polyester tape 8901, a 2.6 mil (0.06 mm), clean removing, and high-temperature silicone adhesive with tough, non-slivering polyester backing. The tape is blue with 1.0 mil polyester backing, works up to 400°F, and offers clean removal during high temperature masking operations. It features thin, high tear-resistance, good temperature resistance, long-term aging, and high-strength backing. 3M's polyester tape is well suited for applications such as electronics, automotive, aerospace, general industrial, web processing, solar, composites, military, appliance, and transportation. It can be used for splicing, insulating, edging, reinforcing, protecting, sealing, flash breaking, tabbing, roll closing, powder coat masking, and anodizing.

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