µPFC™ Power Factor Correction ICs

By Infineon Technologies 170

µPFC™ Power Factor Correction ICs

The IR115x ICs, utilizing Infineon Technologies’ one cycle control (OCC) technology, offer high power factor (PF), low total harmonic distortion (THD), and excellent DC bus regulation while enabling drastic reduction in component count, PCB area and design time compared to traditional solutions. The ICs are designed to operate in continuous conduction mode Boost PFC converters with average current mode control over 85 VAC to 264 VAC input line voltage range.

  • Low cost, 8-pin PFC IC with high level of system protections, minimizes system design steps
  • Continuous conduction mode lowers peak current and reduces conduction loss
  • Average current mode results in better THD
  • Dedicated overvoltage protection
  • Open loop protection
  • Cycle by cycle peak current limit
  • Programmable soft start
  • Micropower startup
  • User initiated micropower "sleep mode"
  • Brown-out protection (IR1152/IR1153)
  • VCC undervoltage lockout
  • New µPFC ICs offer advanced system-enabling and protective features including dedicated pin for over-voltage protection, cycle by cycle peak current limitation, open-loop protection, VCC UVLO and programmable soft-start
  • IR1552S and IR1553S offer fixed switching frequency of 66 kHz and 22.2 kHz respectively. These devices are compatible with Infineon Technologies’ Ultrafast and Warp IGBTs for systems with power ratings higher than 750 W and switching frequency up to 100 kHz
  • User initiated micropower startup/sleep-mode enables compliance with standby power requirements mandated by regulations such as Energy Star, Green Power and Blue Angel
  • IR155S offers programmable switching frequency between 48 kHz to 200 kHz based on the specific application requirement