0101 Series Ultra Miniature MLCC

By AVX Corporation 109

0101 Series Ultra Miniature MLCC

AVX Corporation's 0101 series is part of the AVX multilayer ceramic chip family and contains the industry's smallest MLCC (EIA case code 01005). The 0101 series is available in NP0 and X5R dielectrics and is available with 100 percent tin terminations. These miniature devices provide capacitance ratings of 1.0 pF to 15 pF and are rated to 16 V in NP0, with an operating temperature range of -55°C to 125°C.


  • Ultra miniature size MLCC (0.016" x .008")
  • Reduced board space
  • Better DC bias characteristics
  • Better ESR characteristics


  • PA module / Front end module
  • IC packaging
  • Mobile phone