1500 Series Gigabit Ethernet SPD

By Bourns Inc. 81

1500 Series Gigabit Ethernet SPD

The Bourns® Model 1500 Series Gigabit Ethernet SPD is designed to protect highly-exposed Gigabit Ethernet equipment from the effects of lightning and other transients. The Model 1500 Series design incorporates the Bourns® TBU® High-Speed Protector technology providing an enhanced level of protection and performance. The series is offered in a grounded version as well as an isolated version with 5 kV isolation for installations where no ground is available. The Model 1500 Series is listed per UL 497B requirements. The Model 1500 features: GDT/TBU® High-Speed Protector technology, low-impulse let-through, high surge current rating, 10/100/1000 data compatibility, available in isolated and grounded versions. It can be used for several applications, such as: data communications, highly exposed Ethernet, 1000 Base-T, gigabit Ethernet, indoor/controlled environment installations, and telecommunications and industrial installations.

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