7XZ Series Oscillator

By TXC Corporation 176

7XZ Series Oscillator

TXC introduces the 7XZ miniature 32.768 KHz oscillator. Measuring 3.2 x 2.5 mm, with 1 mm in max height, the 7XZ is one of the smallest offerings in a 32.768 KHz oscillator. The 7XZ has a 3.3 V Operation with a frequency stability of ±25 ppm over -10°C ~ +70°C. This part is also available in 1.8 and 2.5 V operation upon request.

The product is sought after in applications where a simpler, and more complete solution for a 32.768 KHz reference frequency is required as opposed to a 32.768 KHz crystal. This eliminates the need to design an oscillation circuit around the crystal, or be concerned about proper matching and circuit optimization.

  • Ultra-small 32.768 KHz RTC oscillator in seam sealed ceramic package
  • Four pads design to achieve good soldering contact on PCB
  • Use AT crystal as the resonator for good temperature performance
  • Tri-State function available for power saving

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