800R Series MLCs

By American Technical Ceramics 88

800R Series MLCs

American Technical Ceramics' 800R series offers superb performance in demanding high RF power applications requiring consistent and reliable operation. The combination of optimized case geometry, highly conductive electrode formulations and proprietary dielectrics yields low ESR and superior heat transfer. ATC's 800R series NPO low loss rugged dielectrics provide superior heat transfer in high RF power applications. Ultra-low ESR and superior thermal performance ensure that the 800R series products are a great choice for high RF power applications from UHF through microwave frequencies.

  • Case R Size (.070" x .090")
  • Capacitance range 1 pF to 100 pF
  • Optimized for high self resonant frequency
  • Optimized for low ESR and superior heat transfer
  • RoHS compliant and lead-free
  • UHF / HDTV Broadcast transmitters
  • Public safety Radio
  • Avionics
  • Telecom
  • WiMAX

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