ADP5034 Dual 3 MHz, 1200 mA Buck Regulators

By Analog Devices Inc 76

ADP5034 Dual 3 MHz, 1200 mA Buck Regulators

ADI's ADP5034 combines two high performance buck regulators and two low dropout (LDO) regulators in a small, 24-lead 4 mm x 4 mm LFCSP to meet demanding requirements for performance and board space.

The high switching frequency of the buck regulators enables tiny multilayer external components and minimizes the required board space. When the MODE pin is set to high, the buck regulators operate in forced PWM mode. When the MODE pin is set to low, the buck regulators operate in PWM mode when the load is above a pre-defined threshold. When the load current falls below a predefined threshold, the regulator operates in power save mode (PSM), improving light load efficiency.

The two buck regulators operate out of phase to reduce the input capacitor requirement. The low quiescent current, low dropout voltage, and wide input voltage range of the ADP5034 LDOs extend the battery life of portable devices. The ADP5034 LDOs maintain power supply rejection greater than 60 dB for frequencies as high as 10 kHz while operating with a low headroom voltage.

Regulators in the ADP5034 are activated through dedicated enable pins. The default output voltages can be externally set in the adjustable version, or factory programmed to a wide range of preset values in the fixed voltage version.

  • Two 1200 mA buck regulators and two 300 mA LDOs
  • Regulator accuracy: ±3%
  • Factory programmable or external adjustable VOUTx
  • 3 MHz buck operation with forced PWM and auto PWM/PSM modes
  • Power for processors, ASICS, FPGAs, and RF chipsets
  • Portable instrumentation and medical devices
  • Space constrained devices

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