Aluminum-Housed Power Wirewound Resistors

By Riedon 27

Aluminum-Housed Power Wirewound Resistors

Riedon’s robust UAL series utilizes wirewound resistor technology in a large ceramic core molded into an extruded aluminum, chassis-mount housing. The wirewound design maximizes pulse handling capability, while the aluminum housing provides for superior heat conduction and resistance to very tough environmental conditions.

The UAL series is available in 7.5 W to 50 W sizes with low +/- 1% tolerances and resistances from 0.1 Ohms to 100 kOhms. Higher power ratings up to 300 W are available through Riedon.

  • Industrial Controls
  • Power Supplies
  • Welding Equipment
  • Motor Controls and Drives
  • Medical Equipment
  • Audio Applications