AN30888A and AN30888B LED Drivers

By Panasonic 81

AN30888A and AN30888B LED Drivers

Panasonic introduces the AN30888A / B series LED drivers, which are suitable for driving high bright LEDs in LED lighting applications. These AN30888A / B LED drivers are boost / buck / boost-buck DC-DC controllers that drive an external power NMOS switch. The design flexibility of the boost / buck / boost-buck output system is achieved by changing the external circuit. The wide operating power supply range allows configuration of the power supply and the number of LED's to drive required by the specific application. They allow various DC-DC configurations and provide great design-in flexibility. Achieve high flexibility in light adjustment by using reference voltage control and PWM duty control modes as multiple luminance setting methods.

  • Battery operation: 3 V to 15 V (AN30888B)
  • 3 V to 20 V (AN30888A)
  • Output current range: 0 A to a few Amps, depending on rating for external NMOS and mode of operation
  • LED dimming function available by using PWM signal
  • Configurable as either boost / buck / boost-buck mode converter
  • Built-in various protection circuit: undervoltage lockout / overvoltage protection, and soft start function
  • RoHS directive compliant
  • LED lighting modules
  • LED lantern applications
  • White LED backlighting for LCD panel
  • White LED flight-light-driving applications
  • General LED back lighting

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