AS3668 LED Driver

By ams 130

AS3668 LED Driver

The AS3668 from ams is a 4-channel LED driver designed to produce lighting effects for portable devices. A highly efficient charge pump enables LED driving over the full Li-Ion battery voltage range. The device is equipped with an internal program memory, which allows control of LED patterns even without processor control. This helps the whole system to save power and extend battery life time in every mobile application, for example. The AS3668 maintains excellent efficiency over a wide operating range by automatically selecting the best charge pump gain based on the LED forward voltage requirements and the device input voltage. Furthermore, the chip supports an automatic power-save mode which activates when LED outputs are not active. The special powersave mode has an extremely low current consumption below 10 µA.

The AS3668 has an I2C-compatible control interface which supports two slave addresses without having a dedicated address selection pin. For fancy lighting effects synchronized with an audio signal, the device supports special digital filter modes in order to make music literally visible on the 4 independent configurable current sources.

Features and Benefits
  • High efficiency capacitive 60 mA charge pump with 1:1 and 1:2 mode
  • Automatic mode switching for charge pump
  • Automatic pattern mode without digital control
  • Highly accurate 4 channel high side 25.5 mA current sources
  • Audio controlled lighting with internal digital filters
  • Charge pump with soft start and overcurrent/short circuit protection function with logarithmic dimming

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