bq2026 Serial EPROM with SDQ Interface

By Texas Instruments 106

bq2026 Serial EPROM with SDQ Interface

Texas Instruments' bq2026 is a 1.5 K-bit serial EPROM containing a factory-programmed, unique 48-bit identification number, 8-bit family code, and a 64-bit status register. The bq2026 SDQ interface requires only a single connection and a ground return. The SDQ pin is also the sole power source for the bq2026. The small surface-mount package options saves printed-circuit-board space, while the low cost makes it ideal for applications such as battery pack configuration parameters, record maintenance, asset tracking, product-revision status, and access-code security.

  • 1536 bits of one-time programmable (OTP) EPROM for storage of user-programmable configuration data
  • Factory-programmed unique 64-bit identification number
  • Single-wire interface to reduce circuit board routing
  • Synchronous communication reduces host interrupt overhead
  • 6 KV IEC 61000-4-2 ESD compliance on data pin
  • Security encoding
  • Inventory tracking
  • Product-revision maintenance
  • Battery-pack identification

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