Class D Audio Design

By Infineon Technologies 72

Class D Audio Design

Save space and energy with International Rectifier's class D audio chipsets, delivering Class AB performance with the channels needed at a size that can squeeze into today's space-constrained applications, such as sound bars and car audio units.

IR's DirectFET® package enables system benefits, such as reduced footprint, improved PCB layout, reduced EMI, and improved thermal characteristics over other plastic package devices. The device electrical parameters are tuned specifically for improved audio performance. In addition, class D audio application-critical parameters such as internal gate resistance, RG(int), has a guaranteed maximum value for improved dead-time control. This is an important factor to reduce system THD level. This innovative solution enables customers to provide high performance audio systems with better reliability and higher amplifier output power.

  • Home multimedia systems
  • Automotive audio systems
  • Battery-powered portable products
  • High-end professional amplifiers
  • Musical instruments