CPC5002 Digital Optical Isolator

By IXYS Integrated Circuits Division 53

CPC5002 Digital Optical Isolator

IXYS/Littelfuse's CPC5002 is a dual high-speed optical logic isolator with open-drain outputs providing 3750 Vrms of galvanic isolation between the inputs and the outputs. Activating the input LED causes the open-drain output to turn on, pulling the voltage of the external pull-up resistor towards ground. Utilizing CMOS technology enables the output stage’s high-gain circuitry to operate with a low power consumption of <5 mW (typical) when operated with a 3.3 V supply voltage and a low-input LED drive current of 1.5 mA.

Because optical isolators pass logic levels directly there is no internal state refresh clock to maintain a non-changing input. Additionally, the CPC5002 will always return the buffered signals to their proper value after a transient interruption at either side.

  • Dual Optical Isolator
  • Buffers two independent signals
  • Power-down to Hi-Z does not load outputs
  • Low power CMOS reduces supply current
  • LED drive current only 1.5 mA
  • High Speed: 10 Mbaud typical
  • Operates on 2.7 V to 5.5 V, enabling level translation
  • Single, 8-Pin DIP or Surface-mount package
  • 3750 Vrms Galvanic Isolation
  • Test and Measurement
  • A/D and D/A Isolation
  • Power Converter Isolation
  • Medical
  • Ground Loop Elimination
  • I2C Bus Isolation
  • Computer Bus Isolation
  • Isolated Line Receivers

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