CSRF0805 Chip Resistors

By Stackpole Electronics, Inc. 110

CSRF0805 Chip Resistors

The CSRF0805 series from Stackpole is manufactured using a metal foil on ceramic carrier technology. With standard thick film resistor technology, it is difficult to achieve low resistance values and low TCR in small chip sizes. The metal foil on ceramic technology makes it possible to reach resistance values down to 10 mΩ with TCR of 50 ppm. In addition, the ceramic carrier ensures optimum placement speed and accuracy due to its rigid structure and precise dimensions.

Applications include many types of portable power supplies, battery management, voltage regulators, barcode scanners, portable communications devices, portable medical diagnostic and imaging equipment, instrumentation, industrial controls, and lighting.

  • High power rating - up to 0.5 W
  • Low inductance - typically less than 0.2 nH
  • Wide resistance range (0.01 Ω – 0.1 Ω)
  • Current handling up to 7 amps
  • TCR down to ±50 ppm/°C
  • RoHS compliant / lead-free

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