DAC7678 Evaluation Module

By Texas Instruments 303

DAC7678 Evaluation Module

Texas Instruments' DAC7678EVM is designed to evaluate the DAC7678, DAC5578, DAC6578, or DAC7578 digital-to-analog converters (DACs). By default, the DAC7678EVM is available with the DAC7678 installed but can be replaced with any one of the other pin compatible devices. The EVM provides a quick and easy way to evaluate the functionality and performance of the low power, high resolution, 8- to 12-bit series of DACs. A two-wire I2C interface header is used to easily attach the SCL and SDA pins from the DAC to any host microprocessor or TI DSP based system. By default, the DAC7678EVM is designed to work with an onboard external reference, but can be easily modified to use the DAC internal reference (in the case of the DAC7678) by changing a jumper setting and enabling the internal reference through software. The EVM comes equipped with an installed REF5040 precision reference voltage to provide +4.096 VDC and can be replaced with any pin compatible REF50xx family of parts allowing a variety of reference values.

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