DIN Rail Battery Chargers

By Bel Power Solutions 84

DIN Rail Battery Chargers

Bel Power Solutions robust DIN-rail-mounted, lead-acid battery float chargers represent a family of DC-DC and AC-DC converters with power factor correction and low harmonic distortion. These rugged converters comply with the latest industry requirements and standards. Versions available from 10 W through 500 W with output voltages suitable to charge batteries of 12 V, 24 V, 36 V, and 48 V.

The input has a negligibly low in-rush current, high immunity to transients and surges, and low electromagnetic emissions. Internal protection circuits such as input over- and under-voltage lockout, thermal protection, as well as output overvoltage protection by a second control loop ensure safe operation of the final system. The outputs deliver an electrically-isolated Safety Extra Low Voltage (SELV) and low output noise.