DX4 Series Connectors

By JAE Electronics 189

DX4 Series Connectors

JAE Electronics' DX4 series is a set of connectors compatible with the Micro-USB type USM 2.0 for small devices standardized by the USB Implementers Forum, Inc. They have a two-piece shell structure for mid-mount type to prevent contact failure due to flux scattering during reflow.

  • Compatible with Universal Serial Bus Micro-USB cables and connectors specification, Revision 1.01
  • Connector type: USB 2.0 compatible, Micro types
  • Au plating over Pd over Ni is used for mating-cycle durability and long product life
  • Available in a variety of versions to suit diverse device configurations
  • Available in reinforced type, with reinforcement plate set in mating area to prevent damage from plug caused by misaligned mating
  • Superior rigidity with high-strength stainless steel shell