FB10 Series Connectors

By JAE Electronics 276

FB10 Series Connectors

JAE's FB10 series is a 0.3 mm pitch, low profile, bottom-surface connection-type FPC connector ideally suited for ever-smaller portable devices such as mobile phones.

  • Pb and halogen-free compliant product
  • Board pattern traces are possible under the connector (excluding terminal area)
  • Open actuator is lightly locked in place so it does not interfere with FPC insertion
  • Applicable FPC thickness 0.2 mm ±, ZIF structure, and bottom-surface connection type
  • Easy actuator operation
  • Ni barrier prevents solder wicking
  • Space saving FPC connector with 0.3 mm pitch, 1 mm overall height, and 2.5 mm depth
  • Guides for FPC sides prevent misalignment by temporary holding the FPC in place until the actuator locks