FH42 Series Connectors

By Hirose Electric Co Ltd 110

FH42 Series Connectors

Hirose's FH42 series is a low-profile FPC connector that uses its 0.65 mm mated height and short-mounting depth of 3.08 mm to provide space saving to any application. The FH42 series connectors feature a 0.3 mm pitch, Hirose’s high-retention side catcher design, double-sided lead structure, and utilizes top contacts and a back-flip operation. The back-flip design allows for horizontal or angled FPC insertion. This connector provides a small footprint and is a user friendly connector. Available in the pin counts 11, 19, 23, and 31.

  • 0.3 mm pitch
  • 0.65 mm mated height
  • 3.08 mounting depth
  • Rounded side-catcher design
  • Compatible with 0.12 mm (thickness) FPC
  • Soldering leads on the front and back of the connector
  • Simplified FPC insertion and actuator operation
  • Cutout provided to ensure proper insertion of FPC
  • Molded structure to protect contacts
  • Nickel barriers provided to prevent solder wicking