FJ3P02100L and FK3P02110L Series Power CSP MOSFET’

By Panasonic 97

FJ3P02100L and FK3P02110L Series Power CSP MOSFET’

The Power CSP MOSFET Series from Panasonic features Power Mount CSP Packaging (PMCP) that is comprised of a unique pad design and drain clip technology. This allows for a 5% improvement in thermal dissipation, while simultaneously reducing the size by 80% over the conventional solutions. Panasonic’s advances in cell technology and wafer thinning fabrication have led to silicon with a 110 nm fine trench cell that provides 47% lower RDS(on) over the same sized conventional chip. By using this technology, this MOSFET Series achieves higher power efficiency while reducing power consumption.

Features Applications
  • AEC-Q101 Qualified
  • Size:
    • FJ3P02100L: 2.0 mm x 2.0 mm x 0.33 mm
    • FK3P02110L: 1.8 mm x 1.6 mm x 0.33 mm
  • RDS(on):
    • FJ3P02100L: 9.5 mΩ@VGS=4.5 V(typical)
    • FK3P02110L: 12.5 mΩ@VGS=2.5 V(typical)
  • Lead-free solder bumps, halogen free, and RoHS qualified
  • Portable Audio Players/ Gaming Devices/ Hand Sets/ IC Recorders
  • Blood Glucose Monitors/ Hearing Aids
  • IC Cards
  • Meters
  • Adapters
  • Smart Phones/ Tablet PCs/ E-Books
  • Servers/Routers

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