General Purpose 600 V HVICs

By Infineon Technologies 97

General Purpose 600 V HVICs

Infineon Technologies' IR256xx family of general purpose high-voltage ICs (HVICs) includes dual low-side drivers, half-bridge drivers, and high- and low-side drivers which can be incorporated into a variety of consumer applications including automotive after-market, lighting, motor control systems, and consumer level appliances.

These HVICs have undergone comprehensive testing which validates the quality and reliability of the product. They are designed using Infineon Technologies' highly robust Gen 2 process with its proven reliability and ruggedness to offer customers an affordable and reliable alternative to the competition.

  • The IR256XX series is comparable to parts in the current market, both in terms of functionality and pin out
  • The IR256xx family is designed using Infineon Technologies' robust Gen 2 process
  • Automotive after-market
  • Lighting
  • Motor control systems
  • Consumer level appliances