High Current DC Cable Assemblies

By Tensility International Corporation 120

High Current DC Cable Assemblies

Tensility International now offers a line of high-current DC cable assemblies with spring-contact connectors. Cables are rated up to 7 A, 12 V DC. Spring-contact plugs were selected to provide better continuity in applications where a tight fit is extremely important, such as LED installations or sensitive electronics.

The line includes 33 models in a variety of configurations, including DC plug or jack to stripped and tinned ends, plug to jack, as well as lengths of 915 or 1830 mm. Additionally, these DC power cables have a slender over-mold with more visual appeal than their older counterparts.


  • Spring contacts for a secure connection
  • High-current ratings up to 7 A, 12 VDC
  • Sleek, new over-mold design